Special 3.8% saving offer for Ex or Current TT students.

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Advance registrations require non-refundable prepayment of HKD 500, with a credit card, at the time of registration.


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當課程開始時 你將會得到


Terms and Conditions 政策條款:

  1. Acceptance to the Summer Program offered will be subject to the discretion of the management of Tutor Time International Activity Group. 取錄入讀暑期課程的最終決定權由多多國際幼兒學園所有。

  2. Prepayment will be refunded for unsuccessful / rejected applicants. 預繳款將退還给未能成功報讀或被拒絕的申請人。

  3. Super Saver Advance Tuition rates are subject to availability and can only be applied for the registered child. 折扣優惠將視乎名額而定,且只適用於報名的幼兒。

  4. Credit card prepayment for HKD 500 is required at the time of registration. 報名時需用信用卡預繳$500。

  5. Prepayment is non-refundable, unless the Summer Program is cancelled. 除非多多國際幼兒學園取消舉辦暑期課程,否則在任何情況下預繳費用將不予退還。

  6. Summer Program schedule registered under promotional discount can only be changed to another schedule (of equal or higher value and parents shall pay the difference in program price following the price list at that time) before June 1, 2020 and is subject to space availability. 在優惠期報讀暑期課程,只能在2020年6月1日之前更改課程日數(更改後的課程學費應為相同或更高的,而且家長需按照當時的學費支付差額),亦需視乎當時學額的情況而定。

  7. Balance of the tuition payment is due by the date of schools resumption or the end of the month this registration is submitted. The tuition fee is non-refundable. 家長須在學校復課後或在報名當月的月底前繳付餘下的學費,所繳費用不設退款。

  8. Extra 3.8 % saving offer subject to verification of ex or current TT students status. 若確認為曾經或現時就讀於多多的學生,更再享有額外3.8%的優惠。

  9. No other offers or promotions might be apply with this offer. 此優惠不能與其他優惠或推廣活動一同使用。

  10. School Holidays and Closures: Parents who enroll their children are deemed to accept our school calendar (available at www.tutortime.com.hk/en/admission). Tutor Time does not offer make up classes or refund for school holidays and unforeseeable school closures. 學校假期及停課: 當家長替幼兒報名時會同時被視作接受本校校曆 (載於學校網頁: www.tutortime.com.hk/en/admission),學校不會為學校假期及不能預計的停課而補課或退回學費。

  11. Photos and Videos: I agree that photos and videos taken of my child in school may be used for promotion and marketing purposes. 相片及影片:我同意讓我的幼兒在學校拍攝的相片及影片用作宣傳及市場推廣用途。

  12. Enrollment Policy: Tutor Time retain total discretion to accept and terminate any child’s enrolment without notice. Tutor Time, in this situation, will refund the unused portion of the tuition fees already paid for school’s fee period after the date of termination. 入學政策:學校保留給予和終止給予幼兒學籍而無需預先通知的權利。在此情況下,多多將在退學後退還部份已付而未使用到的學費。

  13. Any other ammendments to registration are not allowed. 以上註冊條款以外之修改均不允許。


Cancellation policy 取消政策:

  1. A full non-refundable advance deposit is required for this registration at the time of registration. 報名時需繳交按金,此按金將不設退款。

  2. Required deposit amount is equivalent to HKD 500. This Non-refundable deposit will be forfeited if you cancel or fail to attend the summer program. 按金的金額為港幣500元正。取消或未能參加暑期課程,按金將不予退還。

  3. Amendment to registration is not allowed. 以上取消條款以外之修改均不允許。


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